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In December 2010, I was appointed the Ho

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My Personal Story

When I was 13 my dad was brutally murdered by the Idi Amin regime. My Father died at the age of 44, just as I began to truly know him and admire him as my true hero. I loved my father so much. I was so devastated and shocked…..words cannot describe. It was the most heart wrenching experience.

Not only were we robbed of a father and breadwinner. But everything material that we owned was taken overnight. Everything was gone in a flash, taken.

Riches to rags doesn’t begin to describe what we went through. It was moments like those that I felt God had indeed forsaken us. Father Grimes of Namasagali college took me and my siblings in and catered for our school fees for the next few years.

Public Speaking

Patrick Bitature has been in business since he was a teenager. He has started several business ventures and seen them grow to success. These ventures cover several areas of the economy from telecom to tourism and many things in between.

His long business journey has been fraught with ups and downs, successes and challenges but through tenacity and grit, he has overcome it all to become one of Africa’s top business minds. His experience has given him a rare, insightful and unique perspective when it comes to business, entrepreneurship, as well as domestic and global social-economic relations.

Making use of his experience and business acumen, he has spoken to many executives, staff and other members of organisations and corporations concerning personal and businesses development.


"I am now at the stage of life where my focus is teaching. My life has taught me very many lessons, which I believe I should pass along.

Going into any business comes with its own challenges and because of that, I have taken on the duty to teach and spend time speaking with youths and adults. With my guidance, I hope that they too can succeed.

This is why I like to mentor young people, like Robert Bake, who has done a great job in putting this book publication together.

I want to thank everyone who has worked tirelessly to make this book publication project come to fruition. A big thanks to Mr. Bake who took the time and effort to capture my speeches as well as the lessons he picked from the 10 years I have mentored him."

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Books I Would Recommend

I have learnt from an early age of the power of knowledge in life and in business. One should always be reading, learning and growing. This should be true not just about your chosen career path but also about general knowledge. We must become people who are able to see the bigger global picture and zoom into the areas that strongly concern us. With that being said, here are a few books that I strongly recommend.

Uncommon Perspectives Podcast

"Every week this father-daughter duo will be sharing their uncommon perspectives on issues surrounding Africa and bringing you the African perspectives as seen through the eyes of two different generations. In their banter and dialogue is always something that can help you build and grow in Africa and the world."


Blog Posts


Patrick Bitature


Last week Afrexim Bank opened its regional offices here in Kampala in an event that I think should have had much more play in the media. The Afrexim Bank has as its stated mission the desire to stimulate trade, primarily within the continent but also improve...

Beware Of The Conman

Patrick Bitature


I read with a mixture of horror and sympathy for the victims of the latest Ponzi scheme gone bad in town. Last week a company, Global Cryptocurrencies Ltd, collapsed and along with it went billions of shillings, by police estimates, of their clients’ money...


Patrick Bitature


In recent weeks the issues of financing for business has been in the news, in one form or the other. We have seen the challenge a past minister is facing with having to hang onto his home. The case is in court, so we can’t discuss its merits and demerits, just to say he may have fallen prey to some predatory practices...

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